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A table, a chair, a bowl …

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?

Albert Einstein, oh how I’ve loved you…

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A Mildy Amusing Experience

As you know, in my last blog, I told you about the events of my day. Little did I know my evening was also going to be eventful…

It was raining, and I’d procastinated going home to an empty house (family were at a uni trip (not for me!)) when I’d finally decided the shops wouldn’t want me there anymore, and my retail therapy had reached optimum point long ago… now I was just boredom-browsing.

So instead of following my usual routine, I got the bus. I should expain that I do not normally get the bus. I like getting the train. But getting the train means I have to walk for 20 minutes there, and 20 minutes back home, since my parents were out. I decided this would take me forever, and I may as well save my legs and get the bus. So I got a bus. Notice how I got a bus. So by the end (or so I thought) of my bus journey, I was back at my ‘destination bus stop’. A mile away from home, after getting on the wrong bus, going on the wrong route, I was soaked to the bone, standing in a thunderstorm, in a summer dress. What can I say? No one told me were were going to have the storm of all storms. In July.

Cold, wet, and a dead phone were never going to be a good combination…

I began to trek home in the half light, when Ta-Dah! A SHORTCUT! Well, you can just tell that it wasn’t going to add to my experience of the day.

Arms folded, I began walking through an estate I had only heard of, in the pouring rain. I wished someone was out here, to tell me where to go. I concluded I was lost. In my defence, I thought it was okay to keep walking until I found somewhere I recognised. It wasn’t such a bad plan…at the time.

But thank the Lord, a man in a British Gas van came to my salvation. He noticed I was lost, and pointed me in the right direction.

No, this isn't me. I didn't have an Umbrella.

No, this isn’t me. I didn’t have an Umbrella.


Never, in my life, have I been so pleased to see my beautiful house, still standing in the rain. Breathless after running home, I finally had my shower. Even though I had kind of already had one. Yes, thank you, great british weather, how can I ever repay you?!!

So an hour later, I sat down to watch TV, eat my Pot Noodles, and smiled.

What a day.

p.s Yes, I did have an umbrella.

And no, I forgot -______________________________________-

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New Things

Ever since I was about 4 years old, I was always told how much I loved getting or experiencing new things. I was always so inquisitive about the world around me – and not just about the common things – I wanted to know why the heart had to beat, why couldn’t it be the lungs instead? How did it know what to do? How did a frog know it was supposed to be in a particular ecosystem?

Following this style, once I could crawl, I watched my sister walk. Once I could walk, I watched my sister talk. And ever since I could talk, I haven’t seemed to stop.inquisition

As you can imagine, I drove my parents a little bit insane with all these questions. Now I’m older, I’ve learnt the answers to these questions – no one could ever have the effort to tell me. I learnt that the heart beats because of the SAN node and AVN node, sending electrical impulses that contract the ventricles and atria, with micro pauses. The heart knows what do do because of stem cells. How does a frog know its place? Well, I’ll let you know when I figure that out ;).

So today, the point of this, is that I’ve experienced the weirdest thing. As you’ve noticed, I am a student. And today – I sat at the staff table.

Of course, I didn’t just saunter up there, going ‘Hey y’all, mid if I sit wid chu?’. Nope, I was invited. I’m on work experience, and it is amazing. Daunting, that I had to sit opposite the deputy head, and the guy who taught my mum. Next to the (very welcoming) teacher who invited me there in the first place, because it was work experience, and I ‘may as well get the full experience’. I’ve made good friends with him and others in the Psychology department. Isn’t it odd, how you never know what life is like on the other side, but yet you always think it is better? In some cases, it is. Like this one. I finally got to see what it’s like to take control of a class – in ICT, which I’m not awesome at, but I knew enough psychology to know how to keep them under control. Authority is everything.

So after my eventful day, I got to sit down for an hour and have a good old chin-wag with my new friend. Isn’t it weird how he’s a teacher? A little, but we get on so well and it’s good to be friends. He suggested a course for me to do at university – bio-psychology. I’d never thought of it before.

Another new thing for me to embark on…

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